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What do I do if I can’t connect to the Wi-Fi network?

First, let's run through the more frequent scenarios.

You are running a torrent client

If you connected to the Wi-Fi network, but had torrent clients running in the background, our monitoring system will have blocked your internet access for 30 minutes.

You don't see our Wi-Fi networks

This might be an issue with your Wi-Fi card. Check if you have the latest drivers for your Wi-Fi card and if you don't, make sure you update them.

Your firewall is blocking the network

Some antivirus programs have firewalls that are blocking the Wi-Fi connection. The easiest way to identify this is to check the firewall settings and try to turn it off. If the connection is working when the firewall is disabled, you're good to go!

None of the above

If you still can't connect, it'd be best to report the issue to us and send us the following details to help us resolve it asap:

  • Your current location (work desk, kitchen area, meeting room, etc.)
  • The name of the network you can't connect to.
  • Your OS.
  • Your MAC address.

Once we receive the request, we'll get on it right away.

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