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What kind of events can I find at Puzl?

We constantly curate our events program to bring you relevant content on business, tech and IT related topics, that can help you learn and grow professionally and personally. Our most frequent topics include:

  • Development technologies
  • Design and UX
  • Product management
  • Blockchain and cryptos
  • Sales and SEO
  • Startups

Events Support Program

We run an Events Support Program to help individuals and organizations that want to help IT humans grow.

Our Events Support Program is targeted at event organizers who host non-commercial tech meetups, skill-sharing events, hackathons, and user group gatherings. The program includes event hosting, marketing, and speakers support. Since 2015, we’ve worked with over 40 non-commercial user groups, communities, and initiatives, including:

  • ReactJS
  • Ruby Banitsa
  • Blockchain User Group
  • UX Meetup
  • Ethereum Developers
  • SYSF
  • AngelHack
  • Sofia Game Jam
  • And many more!

To checkout our upcoming events visit our website or our Facebook page.

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