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How can I connect with other community members?

There are multiple ways to connect with other members of our community, some more obvious than others. 

Common areas

Obvious, yet slightly intimidating for some. Places like the kitchen and relax areas are perfect for meeting other members. And yes, speaking face to face to completely new people can be stressful but remember a small "Hi" and a smile can go a long way. And honestly, chances are you'll be with us for a while, so isn't it better to get to know people, instead of working among strangers? :)

Our dedicated Slack

If digital is more your thing, our dedicated Slack is the place for you. It's the second-best place to talk to members, share ideas, ask for help, or just chat. 

We also use Slack to share important announcements, update you on the latest discounts in our Partner's Pack and a bunch of other things.

Note: In case you still haven't joined Slack check out How do I login to Puzl's dedicated Slack?

Our Facebook group

Appropriately named Puzl CowOrKing Group, it's yet another place where you can engage with other members of our community. Perfect for long discussion threads and staying up to date on the latest community events at Puzl.

Community events

At our rooftop café, you can often find all sorts of community events, where you can meet people in a more casual environment, usually with a ☕ or 🍺 in hand.

Consider also joining some of our community-organized events like Hiking Shmiking.

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