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How do I connect to the printer? (Linux)

Upon your arrival, you have received a username and password for your printing account. Be sure to find those, as you'll need them for the installation.

  1. Decompress the driver in a folder of your choice. As a result the folder should contain a single PPD file.
  2. Go to System Settings and choose 'Printers' (it may vary in the different desktop environments).
  3. Start adding a network printer by choosing 'LPD/LPR Host or Printer'.
  4. For 'Host' enter 'your_username@' and then click 'Forward'. For example, if your username is 'puzl' then 'Host' should be 'puzl@'.
  5. On the 'Choose Driver' step, provide the PPD file you have already downloaded. Click 'Forward'.
  6. Complete the rest of the installation process without changing any settings. Now the printer is ready for use.

Note: The described steps below may vary in the different Linux distributions or desktop environments. What is important is to provide the URI 'lpd://your_username@' and to choose the proper driver.

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