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HOW TO BOOK Meeting Rooms

We use shared Teamup Calendars to handle the bookings of meeting and event rooms. To book a room:

  1. Go to the Space, View, Factory 2.0, or Greenhouse calendar.
  2. From the left sidebar select the room you want to book. This will display the calendar slots for that room.
  3. Click on a time slot in the calendar.
  4. At the top enter your Company.
  5. Select From and To when you want to book the room.
  6. From the Calendar field select the room which you want to book.
  7. In the Full Name field type your first and last name.
  8. Click Save.

You can only add new bookings to the calendar and view existing ones. You can edit your bookings only in the first 30 minutes after they've been created.

If you would like to change or remove a booking, please submit a support ticket and we'll take care of it.

Note: Flex Desk subscribers, keep in mind you have access to the Factory 2.0 meeting rooms only. 

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