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Keeping quiet in open work areas

Ringtones and notifications

A ringtone can easily get someone out of the zone. Regardless if you are working in an open area or a private office, we strongly suggest you set your smart devices to vibration, so that you don't disturb other people.

Speaking in open areas

Communication is a big part of work. We get that. We talk between each other constantly. However, when speaking in an open work area, please try not to be too loud. And if you think your conversation will take more than a couple of minutes, move to one of our common areas where you'll be able to speak more freely.

Phone and video calls

Taking a phone or a video call in an open work area is a no-no. We have an abundant amount of alternative spaces that you can use for those.

For quick phone calls you can go to one of our kitchen or relaxation areas, or to a phone booth.

For video calls you can go into a phone booth or book a small meeting room.

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