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Can I brand my office?

Honestly, it depends on what type of branding you want to do. We don't really have a strictly defined policy about what's allowed and what isn't, but we do have some guidelines which we take into consideration when deciding whether to allow specific branding or not.

We usually don't allow:

  • Branding that requires permanent changes to the office interior (e.g. repainting office walls, mounting large 3D signs, etc.).
  • Large-size branding that obfuscates the office interior.
  • Branding that lowers the visibility inside/outside of the office (e.g. non-transparent vinyl on the glass walls, posters, banners, etc.).

In any case, before doing any branding, please get in touch with our team to check if your branding falls within our guidelines. To get in touch with us, either submit a support ticket or visit the Floor Manager on your floor.

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