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Can I bring my own furniture in the office?

Short answer, no. 

Slightly longer answer - every Puzl space is designed by our dedicated Renovation team to follow our unique interior style, including your office. Bringing outside furniture has a high chance of breaking the consistency of the interior.

However, if you need extra furniture for your office we can help you. You just need to request it, and as long as it's not a $5,000 Eames Lounge Chair and you actually need it, we'll either provide you with one of our custom-made furniture designs, or we'll search for a suitable solution from one of our pre-approved suppliers.

Request extra furniture

To request extra furniture for your office just submit a support ticket or visit the Floor Manager on your floor. We'll need the following information:

  • What type of furniture do you need
  • How do you plan on using it
  • Where do you plan on positioning it in the office

Note: All the office areas have specific budget guidelines for extra improvements and we might not be able to get a new piece of furniture every month.

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