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Action plan in the event of confirmed COVID-19 case

We have an action plan in place in case we receive a confirmation that one of the members of Puzl CowOrKing has tested positive for COVID-19, and in such case we will take the following actions:

1. Contact tracing.

  • We will keep all members updated on the PCR test results of the affected members and will clearly communicate if any of the tests were positive.

  • We will work closely with members who have tested positive to identify teammates and other members who may have came in close contact within the coworking.

  • We will notify each team separately if they were exposed to risk due to close contact.

2. Organized testing.

  • We commit, that the Puzl team and the cleaning team will perform PCR tests and we will notify all members of the results. 

  • We will assist teams who want to have their teammates tested organizing PCR testing in an independent lab. 

3. Complete disinfection of the coworking.

  • We will perform a complete disinfection of the affected areas in the coworking.

  • Siven and Vitosha building Facility Management will be notified and they will perform a disinfection in the common areas of the buildings.

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