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What membership plans does Puzl CoCafé offer?

Here are all the options (all prices include VAT):

Hourly Pass

You need a space to work from for couple of hours with ultra-fast internet, comfortable tables, and chairs, as well as good coffee? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. You can come by anytime throughout the day and change a bit of your surrounding.

Full-Day Pass
BGN 20

Our Full Day Pass is valid from 8:30 A.M. until 20:30 P.M. It is your perfect option to get a good day’s work done in comfort and style, without dedicating for a longer period. Whenever you decide you need a great working area, get your laptop, show up at our rooftop CoCafé and choose any available spot for your daytime office. No booking required, just drop any time within our working hours.

Half-Day Pass
BGN 15

We’ve updated our Half-Day Pass and now you can use it for fully 6 hours in the morning starting from 8:30 A.M. or in the early afternoon starting at 14:30 P.M.

4 is the new 5
BGN 80

We could try to upsell you with some fancy description here, but we won’t. We’ll keep it simple - pay for 4 days and get 1 day for free. You can use the 4 is the new 5 within a month and get all of the perks that are valid for the daily pass.

Hot Desk Plan
BGN 220

The Hot Desk is our most flexible and affordable plan. It gives you one month of access to our rooftop CoCafé with absolutely no obligations. Just bring your laptop and work from any area you want - the bar, the open terrace, or the quiet working area. You will also get 2 hours free usage of meeting rooms and -10% discount on every next hour.

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