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Increased cleaning and disinfecting

Our cleaning team is instructed to regularly disinfect shared surfaces and high-touch areas. In addition, you’ll find disinfectants in all the areas and you can additionally disinfect the surfaces of the meeting rooms or kitchen tops before using it.

The following areas are regular touchpoints and are disinfected regularly throughout the day:

  • Door handles - especially of doors between the different areas

  • Kitchen areas

  • Bathrooms

  • Meeting rooms and booths

We are dispensing special disinfectant liquid, wipes and paper towels in all the floors, near or in meeting rooms and in the kitchens for you

In the situation of a confirmed COVID-19 case, all the members on the same floor will be immediately informed and Puzl will take special care in disinfecting the respective area, together with all electronics and used objects in range.

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